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The Best Flooring to Consider For Your Bathroom Remodel

The Best Flooring to Consider For Your Bathroom Remodel


Everybody deserves a better bathroom through a quick renovation or a complete remodel.


The functionality of bathroom flooring is just as important as aesthetics. Bathroom flooring can provide an excellent foundation that ties together the overall design of your bathroom. It’s there because you need it to do your daily activities comfortably and move around smoothly. 


Many different types of flooring are available on the market these days, and each has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks.

Key considerations are that the flooring material should be durable, water-resistant, and non-slip.


Potential Choices For Bathroom Flooring

Even the smallest bathroom can incur high remodeling costs, particularly if you change the floor plan or move the plumbing. A realistic budget is essential before embarking on a bathroom remodel. Remodeling an entire bathroom without the proper budget is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Choosing tiles for your bathroom floor can seem daunting as many options exist. Not only does it have to look good and complement the chosen wall finish, but it also has to stand up to water and humidity and be slip-resistant and low maintenance. Potential choices include:

  • Porcelain,
  • Ceramic tiles, 
  • Stone,
  • LVT (luxury vinyl tile), and
  • Engineered wood flooring.


Porcelain Tile Flooring

Porcelain is made with denser clays and fired for longer and at a higher temperature. It’s a harder and less porous material.

Porcelain tiles are hardwearing, impervious to water, resistant to stains, easy to clean, lightweight, and uniform in size. Porcelain tiles are also available as germ-free tiles, which come with an antimicrobial glaze to resist the growth of germs and other pathogens.


Ceramic Tile Flooring 

Compared to other flooring tile materials, such as porcelain and natural stone, ceramic presents an affordable option that doesn’t compromise style or practicality. Glazed ceramic tiles have a practical protective layer that means they’re impervious to water and stains. Ceramic tile flooring is extremely durable and unlikely to crack due to everyday wear and tear. From size and shape to color and finish, a broad spectrum of design options are available with ceramic tiles.


Stone Bathroom Flooring

Natural stone is strong, durable, and features attractive grain patterns, making it aesthetically pleasing.

Incredibly popular for a good reason, stone tiles can provide a stunning finish and are available in various options. 

Most stones are properly treated with an impregnator (a protective sealant) which is standard practice when fitting stone floors. So installing stone tiles in a bathroom shouldn’t be an issue.

The main disadvantage of using natural stone tiles is that they are very expensive and require periodic cleaning, polishing, and sealing because of their highly porous nature.


 Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring 

Water resistant, durable, affordable, and warm underfoot, Luxury Vinyl Tiles tick many boxes. Luxury Vinyl Tiles are easy and quick to install. You don’t require messy mortar or grout like you would with ceramic or porcelain tile. LVT flooring doesn’t get as cold as natural stone tiles do. Since they stay closer to room temperature, you’ll be more comfortable walking around the bathroom barefoot.


Engineered Wood Bathroom Flooring

Unlike solid wood, which consists of a single piece of timber, engineered wood comprises several layers. A layer of wood (higher-quality products tend to have thicker wear layers) sits above layers of either wood or plywood, arranged at right angles. Due to the multi-layered nature of engineered wood, they are suitable options for those with younger children.

Engineered wood is made with solid wood layers over layers of ply for a stable and robust result.

It is a far more appropriate option than laminate which warps and swells if water penetrates the seams. Engineered wood is better for a bathroom setting because of its construction and tolerance of different environments.


Wall Tiles

As the tiles on your wall do not need to be as hardwearing as your bathroom floor tiles, there are many more styles to choose from. Whether you go for brightly colored ceramic tiles or glittering glass mosaics, you can experiment with colors, designs, and patterns to create the perfect look.


Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston – Creating Your Dream Bathroom In Houston: Discover the Art of Remodeling with Our Experts

It’s not just the appearance of the remodeled bathroom that matters, but also anticipating problems down the road.

Choosing the proper bathroom design is the first step in preparing to remodel your bathroom. Hiring an experienced bathroom remodeling company in Houston is an excellent idea because they can come equipped with fantastic bathroom design ideas.

At Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston, our team of thorough professionals is on hand to advise you on the best flooring options for your bathroom. We provide complete kitchen and bathroom tiling solutions for Houston homeowners, offering under-floor heating, adhesives, and sealers.

Each material has a range of design options to match your vision, and we will be only too happy to advise. Bathroom flooring must be laid with special care and attention. We have a team of expert installers who are skilled in every aspect of the job.

Whether you opt to come to visit our 5,000-square-foot Houston showroom or take advantage of our online consultation at home, our expert and knowledgeable design consultants will help you browse our unsurpassed range of products and materials.

For over twenty-five years, KBD Houston has been one of the leading home remodeling companies Houston homeowners have turned to for help. Whatever plans you have for your bathroom, we approach tasks in a series of clear steps.

We make remodeling a bathroom as easy and enjoyable as possible.


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