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Small Bathroom Remodel

How To Maximize Luxury And Function In A Limited Space During A Small Bathroom Remodel? 


During your home remodel, beautifying your bathroom is one of the most significant improvements you can make.

A more compact bathroom is common, especially in a metropolis like Houston. Experienced remodelers know the best ways to design and build small bathrooms to maximize available space. At Kitchen & Bath Decor Houston, we often transform small spaces into luxurious and practical bathrooms. No doubt, limited space presents a challenge, but at the same time, it invites creativity. 

Remodeling bathrooms of a smaller size requires careful planning and attention to detail. As space comes at a very high premium in Houston, it is pertinent to utilize the room smartly. It’s easier to clean and organize a smaller bathroom. It also encourages you to store stuff you don’t need. 


Planning Is Everything

When starting your small bathroom remodeling project, consider several things. These include:

  • How much space do you have to work around with? 
  • The extent of the work taking place.
  • The budget. 
  • Style and features of the space. 

A fresh coat of paint or updating existing fixtures and fittings will be a reasonably quick job. A complete remodel could take several weeks to finish.


Choose A Walk-in Shower 

When deciding on the fittings for your small bathroom, we recommend choosing a walk-in shower over a traditional bath/shower combination. When combined with a minimal glass shower screen, a walk-in shower can bring your design a much more open and spacious feel. There are so many modern walk-in shower styles available that you can ensure luxury, even in a smaller room. 


Use Larger Mirrors 

Mirrors are renowned for their spatial benefits and capability for boosting light. Most run-of-the-mill bathrooms have at least one mirror, often over the sink. At KBD Houston, we suggest putting in a more oversized mirror that takes up a significant portion of the wall. Wall-mounted mirrored cabinets are another excellent option for small bathrooms, as they provide innovative storage solutions while creating the illusion of space.

Mirrors create the illusion of excess space by reflecting the area around them. Mirrors bounce light throughout the room.


Tile Trickery

Tiling the floor and the wall with the same design makes it hard to distinguish where each begins, making your space feel larger. The amount of space you have in your little bathroom and what the eye perceives are different. Larger tiles can trick the eye into making the room look and feel bigger. On the other hand, smaller tiles, such as mosaics, have more grout lines, making the space seem busy and small.


Get Three Features With A Wall-hung Cabinet

Remember, small bathroom remodeling is about maximizing storage capacity while fitting elements flawlessly into the available space.

Every fixture and fitting must pull its weight when space is at a premium. 

A wall-hung cabinet can form a great focal point and combine your storage into one place within your bathroom.

A Wall-hung mirrored cabinet offers three features: a mirror, light, and storage solution. The mirror makes the space seem bigger and bounces light around while the cabinet provides storage. A wall-hung cabinet keeps the floor clear.


Color Is A Key Factor

White and neutral colors can make the space feel bigger and brighter. Pastels and muted tones reflect light and won’t make the bathroom cramped and cave-like. Pops of color can breathe fresh life into your room. Bold, vibrant-colored towels, accent colors on a window or door frame, and colorful accessories can add glitz to your space.


Lighting Is Your Ally

Having multiple light sources, wall-mounted and recessed in the ceiling, can make the room appear larger visually.

Avoid suspended lights, as they make the ceiling seem lower than it is. Recessed lighting and wall-mounted lighting fixtures create the impression of higher ceilings. 

Lighting around the mirror helps with shaving and putting on makeup. 


Bathroom Beautification By Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston: Where Elegance Meets Function

Trickery isn’t evil, especially in a small bathroom remodeling project. The aim is to deceive the eye and transform your bathroom into a visually expansive and inviting space.

At Kitchen And Bath Decor And More In Houston, we know how important it is to make the most of every inch of your bathroom. Even a smaller bathroom can offer comfort and a place to escape from the daily rigors of life. The experts at our Houston remodeling company use lighting, oversized mirrors, neutral color schemes, and other design elements to create the perception of a larger and more refreshing bathroom.

The thorough professionals at KBD Houston can help you organize things cleverly and use intelligent ideas to create a cozy and relaxing space. These experts guide you to find creative solutions that serve multiple purposes to transform your space into a functional and aesthetic haven. 

Visit our Houston showroom, where you’ll find a vibrant display of our complete bathroom range, including sinks, vanity units, showerheads, lighting, mirrors, taps, and other accessories, fittings, and fixtures. 

Drop by any time during working hours or book an appointment in advance. Our friendly staff would be delighted to walk you through our product range and discuss any remodeling ideas you might have. 

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