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Remodeling VS. New Bathroom

Remodeling Your Existing Bathroom Vs. Adding A New Bathroom To Your Houston Home


The kitchen and bathroom are the rooms with the most fixtures used in your house. These spaces can become outdated and suffer the most from wear and tear.

The plumbing in your bathroom might have started to fail, or the fittings, fixtures, and appliances show signs of aging.

Or your bathroom has begun to bore you, and you want something vibrant and new to brighten the start of the day.

A bathroom remodeling or a bathroom addition is worth the cost, time, and trouble as they will positively impact the value, comfort, and attractiveness of your house.

There are vital differences between a bathroom remodel and a bathroom addition that you should understand before committing to a new project.


What Is A Bathroom Remodel?

Bathroom remodel makes improvements to a bathroom that primarily affect its design, layout, and appearance. It does not require significant structural changes to its size or functionality and, therefore, tends to take less time than constructing a new bathroom.

Most people who opt for bathroom remodeling in Houston want to refresh the look and feel of their bathroom rather than address any structural issues or make significant modifications to its layout. A typical Houston bathroom remodeling project may include cosmetic alterations such as retiling the floors and walls, adding a new vanity and countertop, or installing new lighting and a walk-in shower with tech-savvy functions.


Constructing A New Bathroom 

In the case of bathrooms, two or more are always better than one.

Houston homeowners decide to get a new bathroom because their existing bathroom is becoming unusable or severely affecting the price of the house. 

new bathroom in Houston will boost its functionality and add substantial value to your Houston home. An extra bathroom is necessary if you have a large family with kids in the house. An additional bathroom affords more privacy. Building an extra bathroom in a common area in the home means you don’t have to let guests intrude into your private territory.


A New Bathroom Can Be A Very Expensive Proposition 

Remodeling a bathroom will be cheaper than constructing a new one if a Houston homeowner can retain most of the room’s structure, mechanical systems, and finishes. 

Building a new bathroom can be four to eight times more expensive than remodeling. 

Adding a new bathroom starts with the total gutting of a room and includes new plumbing and electrical systems. Labor and material costs associated with plumbing systems are a significant constituent in the overall cost of bathroom addition. In a bathroom remodel, as new fixtures are installed in the same places as existing fixtures, the plumbing may need almost no renovation.

On a cost-per-square-foot basis, a new bathroom construction is one of the most expensive home construction projects.

Going for a bathroom remodel is always wise if you’re working with a tight budget.

A new bathroom makes sense only if your bathroom is suffering from deep structural or functional problems.

A new bathroom raises the cost of your utility bills. An extra bathroom means an increase in water use in the house. A bathroom also needs lighting fixtures and a ventilator, so you should expect a significant spike in your electricity bills too, and then there will be an additional cost of heating too.

The increase in utility bills isn’t a one-time expense. You will have to adjust your monthly budget. 


A New Bathroom Can Increase The Carbon Footprint Of Your Home

Building a new bathroom can create waste, whereas bathroom remodels typically have a less environmental impact. 

Constructing a new bathroom can increase a home’s carbon footprint depending on size, materials, and how those materials are sourced.

Installing contemporary, efficient fixtures during a remodel will turn an old bathroom into a more environmentally friendly space. Many newer shower heads and toilets are designed to use less water than older models.  

Replacing inefficient models can reduce long-term costs as well. 

Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston has plenty of eco-friendly materials like linoleum when picking the flooring in your bathroom or home. Our skilled artisans can custom-build vanities and cabinets from reclaimed or salvaged lumber from old furniture.


Remodeling Can Make Your Bathroom Easy to Clean

Scrubbing your new bathroom on the weekend is not something you will enjoy.

Cleaning the bathroom is one of the most dreaded things every Houston homeowner has to do. And with more than one bathroom, you have twice as much to dread. Bathroom cleaning takes plenty of time, energy, and products. An extra bathroom means more work for you to do unless you have someone to help.

KBD Houston can remodel your bathroom into one that can be much easier to clean, saving you both time and worry.


Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston – Houston’s Premier Eco-friendly Home Remodeling Company

One of the environmental benefits of bathroom remodeling is the ability to add new features. Houston homeowners can opt out of traditional materials made with natural resources and switch them to modern, more eco-friendly electrical, plumbing, and structural materials.

When you are ready to begin a bathroom remodel or a new home improvement project in Houston, take a look at the beautiful environmentally friendly solutions from appliances to flooring available at our 5000-square-foot Houston Showroom that can help you save money, promote healthy living for your family, and preserve the Earth’s priceless resources.



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