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Luxurious Walk-in Showers in Houston

Luxurious Walk-in Showers in Houston


Showering has become an obligation in many Houston households that feels like just another part of the morning or evening mundane routine.

Showering can help you get filled with zest and energy in the morning or offer you an easy way to relax and wind down before going to bed. It plays an essential role in maintaining hygiene and promoting better immune functioning.

As Houston’s premier home remodeling company, more and more of our clients are asking us to remove their tubs and install a walk-in shower. Customized walk-in showers add comfort, style, and luxury to a bathroom. They also minimize the risks that could lead to falling. 80% of falls involving senior citizens in the country occur in the bathroom. At Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston, our walk-in showers can also be designed to accommodate people using wheeled mobility.


What Is A Walk-in Shower?

A walk-in shower has no hinged doors or curtains, enabling the user to enter easily with no obstacles. 

The shower floor is sloped toward a drain, and the walls have ceramic or porcelain tiles, gorgeous natural stone, or even full granite slabs.

Installing a walk-in shower in an existing bathroom can involve tearing out the tub, demolishing the walls, replacing the plumbing, waterproofing the walls and floor, installing a sloped floor and drain, and applying tile, which all require a high level of skill.

The cost of replacing a bathtub with a walk-in shower depends on the size of the shower, the amount of construction and plumbing required to take out the tub and put it in the walk-in shower stall, and of course, the materials that are used.


Benefits of Choosing A Walk-in Shower For Your Houston Home.

A bathroom remodeling project involving a new walk-in shower adds functionality to your home and boosts its aesthetic appeal. The significant benefits of a walk-in shower include the following:


Ease Of Accessibility. 

Getting in and out of a walk-in shower is much more accessible than getting in and out of a bathtub. Walk-in showers eliminate the difficulties of getting in and out of a conventional bathtub or shower.

Low-level access trays make it much more manageable to maneuver in and out of the walk-in showers.


Creates a Larger Space.

If you’re tearing out a conventional bathtub, you can create a larger space for your customized walk-in shower. This leaves lots of room within the shower. If you have mobility issues later in life and need help bathing or getting in and out, there’s enough room for another person to help out.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) recommends that the minimum size of a walk-in shower be 36 inches by 36 inches.


Increased Safety And Cleanliness.

Walk-in showers offer low-level entry to increase personal safety. Easy access facilitates reaching all areas of the shower to clean. Walk-in showers at KBD Houston come with antibacterial trays that are simple to clean.


Customized Design.

With the help of our expert design team, you can customize the design of your walk-in shower to fit your bathroom and personal needs. You can add personalized features to walk-ins that traditional tub showers don’t have, like body sprays, rain showerheads, and niches for soaps and shampoos.

Standing for long periods can be difficult for many Houston seniors. Our walk-in showers can be custom-fitted with a folding seat option or a bench to enable you to enjoy long, safe, and more relaxing showers. Our walk-in showers can be custom-built to accommodate a wheelchair too.


Creates a Modern and Visually Appealing Space.

Walk-in showers allow you to express your style through a dynamic design and the latest fixtures and accessories. Walk-in showers offer a clean, uncluttered look, which can enhance the appearance of any bathroom. When you work with our elite bathroom remodeling company, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of fabulous shower wall colors, patterns, textures, and other aesthetic and functional elements to create a dream space that perfectly suits your style and needs.


Increases Your Home Value. 

Installing a walk-in shower can also increase the value of a home and appeal to future buyers. A well-designed, highly functional bathroom remodel project complete with a custom walk-in shower is one of the best ways to add market value to your home immediately.


Unique, Eye-catching, And Elegant Walk-in Shower Designs In Houston.

Walk-in showers are contemporary solutions that offer added convenience and create more visual space in the bathroom.

Customized walk-in showers by Kitchen And Bath Decor And More in Houston provide a truly luxurious and indulgent showering experience. Our walk-in shower designs are available in various sizes to suit most bathroom spaces. Our walk-in showers can be installed in practically any setting thanks to cutting-edge bathroom technology.

Our in-house experienced installation team in Houston has the skills to ensure that your walk-in shower is completed on time and to the highest standard, creating the luxurious space of your dreams. 

If you need the inspiration to plan your impending bathroom remodeling, visit our 5,000-square-foot showroom to see how many fantastic walk-in shower options we have available.



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