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Kitchen Remodeling with Children In Mind

Remodeling Your Houston Kitchen to Make it More Kid-friendly

We tend to put our fantasies over reality when remodeling our dream kitchen. Far too often, children are completely left out of the remodeling process. 

Kitchens can either be a source of great happiness and togetherness, or they can become associated with stress, mess, and watching your youngsters take their food off to their rooms.

The kitchen can breed many dangers. It comprises many not-so-kid-friendly features such as hot stovetops, sharp knives, and fragile chinaware. So remodeling your Houston kitchen with children in mind is crucial. Most Houston homeowners only remodel a kitchen once or twice in their lifetime. Incorporating a design that can grow with you over time is essential.

Bonding over cooking in the kitchen is a beautiful way to develop a great relationship with your children.

The kitchen designers at Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston have great insights and ideas to make sure you have a family and child-friendly kitchen. Here are a few of our favorite kid-friendly kitchen design ideas to incorporate into your kitchen remodel.


Kid-friendly Kitchen Layout

The layout of your kitchen can make a significant impact. A kitchen remodel offers a good return on investment in your home and can increase your quality of life. Merging the kitchen with adjoining rooms lets you interact with your children even while cooking or cleaning up.

When it comes to a children-friendly kitchen design, it’s all about you not having to worry when your kids are unsupervised in the kitchen. Your kitchen design should be such that there is very minimal or no chance of your kids hurting themselves.

The adequate approach is to risk assess every kitchen element in terms of a worst-case scenario.

When planning your kitchen layout, ensure you can cook while keeping an eye on your little ones, whether in an adjacent playroom or doing homework.

If you have a larger space, ensure an area where the kids can observe you without obstructing the work triangle. A kitchen table or an island is a great way to segregate the kitchen into a play zone or homework area on one side and a workspace on the other.

Consider placing the sink under a window to provide a clear view of the backyard while washing dishes.


Cook With Your Children In Your New Kitchen

Children are naturally curious and inclined to help their parents. If you can make cooking fun, you’ll get to spend more time with your kids and teach them at an early age that everyone takes part in household chores.

If you want your kids to know some cooking tips, add in spots for step ladders, so they can step up and see what you’re doing.

Teaching your children how to cook is both fun and valuable. Cooking together can improve your bond and give your children a new appreciation for the food they eat.

You can encourage your children to write grocery lists, reminders, and cooking quotes.



Ensure you have two kinds of storage – the one you can access and areas your kids can enjoy. Storage always seems to need more.

Kitchen cabinets are usually one of the hallmarks of a kitchen remodel. But your cabinetry can represent the unknown to small children who are constantly busy exploring the new world they find themselves in. Take advantage of your kitchen remodel project to install new cabinets and drawers.

Create high shelving for dangerous items and low shelving for juice boxes, coloring books, plastic cups, and other things the kids will use.

Keeping a few healthy snacks lower down may prevent hungry children from climbing up on cabinets.


Kitchen Countertops 

Natural stone kitchen countertops may typically come with sharp corners. These are often at the height of a growing child’s head so that they can represent a real and profound danger. During a kitchen remodel, ensure that your new countertops have rounded corners. Rounded edges give the kitchen a subtly softer look than sharp corners.

Children are more susceptible to some diseases than adults, so be sure your countertops don’t hold germs. Granite countertops are safer for children of all ages when regularly maintained. Being non-porous, quartz countertops don’t require any sealing. This quality makes quartz countertops resistant to stains. Since most parents care strongly about hygiene and sanitation, quartz is also germ-resistant and safe for food preparation. Quartzite is heat-resistant, crack-resistant, chip-resistant, and stain-resistant. Of all the types of natural stone, quartzite is the hardest.



Children are bundles of energy that spend more time running around than sitting still. There are lots of different flooring options available at KBD Houston that are visually stimulating but contain a bit of texture so that kids and seniors won’t wind up slipping and hurting themselves.

Solid hardwood comes in various wood species, stains, finishes, and plank sizes. Regular upkeep and maintenance can last a lifetime, or as many Texas homes prove many lifetimes.

Laminate, vinyl, and engineered wood also offer the durability and easy upkeep most parents need and want. The carpets cushion falls and is slip-resistant. They can be stain-resistant and suitable for high-traffic areas.


Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston – Favorite Remodeling Company Of Happy Families In Houston

Keep your little ones secure and refresh your kitchen’s appearance by remodeling the heart of your Houston home with your children in mind.

Designing for children requires creativity, innovation, and the input of an experienced remodeling company.

As a family-owned company with over twenty-five years of experience in the remodeling industry, KBD Houston understands that you want your Houston home to grow with you and your family. We believe children deserve unique and functional furniture just as much as grown-ups.

If you are considering a kitchen remodel, Kitchen & Bath Decor’s Houston showroom is the perfect spot to take inspiration from. An in-person visit is the best way to check out our range of kitchen materials and products. We also offer every visitor the opportunity for one-on-one guidance from an experienced member of our professional design team.


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