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Kitchen Cabinetry Installation

Kitchen Cabinet Installation in Houston: The Importance of Professional Installation


Kitchen cabinets are the focal point of any kitchen.

If you plan to remodel your kitchen, your kitchen cabinetry is one of the first things you’ll need to remember. Not only do kitchen cabinets determine how much storage you have and how you can organize your kitchen essentials, but it also significantly influences the overall design style of your kitchen.


Design And Custom-build Your Kitchen Cabinetry With KBD Houston 

While remodeling a kitchen is an exhilarating endeavor, one aspect that should never be rushed is the design phase, particularly when choosing kitchen cabinets. 

kitchen cabinet designer at Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston can help you make the most of your space, avoid costly mistakes, save time, and design your cabinetry while keeping up with the latest trends to ensure that your cabinets are functional and also fashionable.

Our home remodeling company in Houston is upfront and honest about everything. We will offer you plenty of options in terms of designs for cabinets, materials, ways to cut back on costs, and installation.

Most reputable cabinetry manufacturers will or should offer you a free initial consultation to discuss what you want. At Kitchen And Bath Decor And More In Houston, these consultations allow us to showcase our knowledge, skills, and artistry to potential clients.


Professional Kitchen Cabinetry Installation In Houston

One of the most overlooked aspects of a kitchen remodeling project is the importance of kitchen cabinet installation.

Installation of kitchen cabinetry is almost an art that only a select few tradesmen can master and apply.

Enlisting the services of the right installer is just as important as selecting suitable kitchen cabinets. Proper installation ensures that your investment lasts long.

Nothing could be far from reality as home improvement shows that make Do-it-Yourself (DIY) kitchen cabinet installation seem very easy. Let professionals install your kitchen cabinetry and even appliances is easier and more efficient.

Planning your kitchen cabinet installation is essential. The installation team will assess your space by taking precise measurements to establish a workable plan. All it takes is a single measuring error to make you restart your installation process all over again. 

The floors and ceilings in your home may not necessarily be level. The installation team will incorporate minor adjustments to fit each cabinet box flush against the neighboring cabinets, the walls, and the floor or ceiling.

The installation teams know that cabinets have to be handled with proper care. The team will inspect each piece for defects or imperfections as they are unpacked. Assembling cabinets requires heavy-duty tools that regular homeowners are unlikely to have. The installation also involves lifting and tugging heavy appliances and cabinets.

A competent installer will wear gloves when working with high-end materials to protect the finishes. 

Houston homeowners can avoid potential injuries or cabinet damage in case of any mistakes or slips by calling in a professional installation team that understands and incorporates the proper techniques and measures needed for a safe installation.

Whatever type of cabinets you’ve chosen to install, a thoroughly professional installation crew will close your kitchen cabinetry project by clearing all materials, debris, and old cabinets. These installers know where to dispose of and transport the old materials. 

Professional cabinet installers who have years of experience will be able to provide a quality guarantee for cabinet assembly and installation.


Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston – Great Customer Service Is The Hallmark Of Our Kitchen Remodeling Company

The technical aspects of installing kitchen cabinets are taught in the trade, but customer service is often an aspect that is neglected. Our excellent customer service makes working with us a stand-out experience for our Houston clientele.

Good customer service is the aggregate of many things – polite and accurate responses to questions, timely responses to voice messages, and steadfast answering phone calls during business hours. 

It may be very tempting for many people to install kitchen cabinets independently, but we advise that one leave it up to the professionals. It would be best to look for a company with a great crew of workers and the proper licenses and insurance to get the job done. Every installation team member is articulate, honest, responsible, polite, and very presentable.

We invite you to visit our 5000-square-foot Houston showroom and experience our scintillating range of fixtures, fittings, furnishings, and furniture first-hand.


Meet With A Kitchen Cabinet Designer At KBD Houston Right Away

Arrange your complimentary design consultation to begin discussing your kitchen cabinet project with a designer. 

Meet with a designer at our showroom or request a visit to your home.

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