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Choosing The Perfect Finish For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing The Perfect Finish For Your Kitchen Cabinets


For numerous reasons, custom kitchen cabinets are usually one of the most significant investments in kitchen remodels. They are typically carved out of genuine wood, require precise measuring and planning, and must be custom-fitted into the kitchen layout.

Your kitchen should reflect who you are, what you use the space for, and how it works in your Houston home. Just as no two individuals are ever the same, no two kitchens are either. When you remodel your kitchen, you have the opportunity to personalize it as well.

Because quality cabinetry is an investment of time and money, it is essential that you do it right the first time.

So, take your time, and look at various materials, fittings, finishes, and hardware to be sure you have made the right decision.

What Are Cabinetry Finishes?

A Finish is the final application of color or lamination that gives cabinetry its finalized appearance. There are numerous methods for achieving different finish styles to suit any kitchen cabinetry project’s desired texture and sheen.

Finishes are an outer layer of different colors that can be pasted as sheets, compressed in high-pressure, or painted over the carcass and shutter material. Not only do finishes play a significant role in ensuring the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen cabinets, but they also protect from various external factors.

To select the right finish, you must have detailed knowledge about the various finishes’ advantages, disadvantages, and functionalities.

Applying a cabinet finish is often the last step in construction or before assembly. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel in Houston, cabinets are a great place to start. Once you’ve decided on the materials and style, it’s time to consider which kitchen cabinet finishes fit the aesthetics of your kitchen. Specific professionally done finishes and techniques can change your cabinets’ look and feel, allowing you to achieve the kitchen you’ve always dreamt of. But there’s more to consider than just the final look. Price, durability, protection from moisture and mold, and maintenance and upkeep are some factors you need to consider.


Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

Cabinets are available with a variety of finishes. Each finish provides its unique character.



Natural wood finishes don’t use anything that alters the color of the wood. They showcase the wood’s natural grain and texture. A natural finish highlights unique variations in each piece of wood, meaning your cabinets won’t be entirely uniform. To achieve a natural finish, professionals at KBD Houston apply just a coat of lacquer or opt for sanding and oiling the wood. This allows the true beauty of the wood to shine through.



Stained finishes are available in various colors, some subtle and others more dramatic, and their look varies depending on the type of wood used.

The staining enhances the wood’s pre-existing traits, striking the perfect balance between texture and color. Stains add a layer of protection for your cabinets. Paints are typically applied using a cloth or a paintbrush.



Painted cabinets are smooth and can be done in any color.

Some paints can make your cabinets challenging to clean and more susceptible to scratches and scuff marks. The professionals at Kitchen & Bath Decor Houston recommend gloss or semi-gloss paints. These paints are durable, easy to clean, and have an elegant sheen that will help reflect light in your kitchen. Most colors are opaque, and the final effect will differ depending on whether you apply it to smooth or coarse wood.



Glazed finishes are added after other finishes like painting or staining. Glazing can give cabinets an antique look or add a different hue to their cabinet.

Glazes are applied on top of stained or painted kitchen cabinets. Usually, you can choose from two types of glazes – flooded and penned. The flooded glaze is applied to the entire cabinet and then wiped off the areas you don’t want to highlight.

Penned, on the other hand, is applied by hand only to the areas you wish to highlight. Flooded glazes are less time-consuming, but penned glazes give you more control over how the cabinets will look.



Waterborne finishes can be expensive. These finishes are rapidly gaining popularity as they are a durable and eco-friendly option for your kitchen cabinets. They have less of an odor than other solvent-based competitors. Waterborne finishes feature fewer volatile organic compounds and are easy to clean with soap and water. The final product should resemble varnished, stained, or painted cabinets.



Most kitchen cabinet manufacturers apply varnish as a topcoat to provide extra durability and heat resistance. Natural cabinets such as wood need varnish as a bare minimum finish to protect them. Varnishes last longer than most finishes without chipping or cracking, keeping your kitchen cabinets in pristine shape for years to come. Varnish helps to accentuate the grain of wooden cabinets.


Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston – We Craft Kitchen Cabinets That Are Beyond Ordinary

Your kitchen cabinets are an essential element in your kitchen remodeling project.

Kitchen cabinets by Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston have finished with subtle variations and stand-out colors depending on the level of detailing and customization techniques used. We provide our Houston clients with various samples to help them decide on a finish that perfectly complements the style and design of their newly remodeled kitchen.

Working with the design-build team at KBD Houston allows you to explore further options.

Whatever cabinet finish you decide on, we can take personalization one step further by adding cabinet handles, soft-closing hinges, under-cabinet lighting, roll-out drawers, and soft-closing drawer slides.

Why not check out some of our past kitchen remodeling projects for inspiration, or visit our showroom to explore the rich spectrum of kitchen cabinets with an array of finest and branded accessories, color schemes, and finishes?

Being renowned as one of Houston’s most trusted and leading home remodeling companies for over twenty-five years means extra responsibility on our shoulders to deliver. Our exemplary remodeling services are a pure reflection of our commitment, dedication, and high accountability toward our clients and all stakeholders.


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