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Benefits of Choosing a Premier Kitchen Remodeling Company in Houston

Bringing Warmth and Style To Your Houston Home With Fireplace-related Solutions From KBD Houston


A fireplace can add beauty, character, and style to any Houston home.


Fireplaces represent all the qualities that Texans appreciate – warmth, a sense of tradition, and an elegant ambiance. 

Fireplaces have a calming effect on us. The warmth and flames relax our bodies and our minds.


Many homes in Houston have a fireplace as their indoor source of heat. It may be a primary source or a backup in case of a power outage during winter.

Wood burning in a fireplace will release the same amount of carbon regardless of whether you burn it or if it is allowed to decay naturally. Therefore, wood-burning fireplaces are considered to be carbon-neutral.

Fireplaces keep your home’s interior temperature regulated. For your house to be livable, you must keep the walls, doors, and floors free from dampness. Fireplaces are great at doing that. 

A fireplace placement is determined by fireplace size, room size, forced air ducting, and layout.

At Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston, we specialize in almost any fireplace-related service, from the design to the installation of a fireplace. We treat all customers and projects with the same respect and value and provide high-quality service to all our work.

Our fireplaces in Houston come in all shapes, varieties, sizes, and every kind of styles. Our energy-efficient models represent a breakthrough in home heating that combines safety with stylish excellence.

Please choose from one of our wood-burning stoves or our gas or electric fires to keep you warm all winter and give your home a beautiful new focal point.



Magnificent Mantels

A fireplace mantel adds to the elegance and improved aesthetics of the fireplace and the whole house.

There are a variety of benefits that come with having a fireplace mantel. The mantel is not just a decorative piece placed above the fireplace to display special items. Stone and brick mantels protect homes from the smoke and flames from the fire. These materials don’t crack or splinter from high heat and pressure, protecting any mantel mirrors, special items of importance, or paintings hanging above the fire’s intensity.

The type of fireplace mantel you select will depend on several factors, such as the budget, material, design, and finishes.

Mantels made of stone are the most expensive but durable and require very low or no maintenance costs. Stone mantles come in ranges of rough and smooth textures.

We complete the installation ourselves rather than pass the work to subcontractors.


Heart-warming Hearths

Hearths make the fireplace area safe and prevent fire hazards.

Hearths are installed to serve a purpose rather than strictly as decoration. Hearths are the floors of fireplaces, usually of granite, marble, brick, or other stone, often extending a short distance into rooms. They are made of non-combustible materials.

Hearths were initially designed and used to protect homes from the risks associated with indoor fireplaces.

Over time, hearths have evolved into decorative fireplace accessories where we sit to break bread with friends and family and share stories. 

At KBD Houston, we carry a range of customizable accessories, such as fireproof hearth rugs, log holders, and bellows.

Glass doors or screens play an essential role in your fireplace’s function, operation, and safety.

Setting up a fireplace screen provides safety and charm. The screen will keep wayward embers from making marks on your rug and protect small children playing near the fire’s welcoming glow. 


Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston – We build and install fireplaces that inspire imagination. 

Master craftsmanship, innovative design, and accurate installation are the hallmarks of our remodeling business. Our standards are high, and our experience is vast. When it comes to our work and service, shortcuts are out of the question.

Whether it’s a log burner that can brighten up your mood or a wood stove that will make you want to snuggle up, we are confident you will soak up the heat and forget what life was like before you discovered wood-burning stoves from Kitchen And Bath Decor And More in Houston.

Our team of experts can assist you over the phone, online, or in person at our 5000-square-foot showroom in Houston.

Our one-stop shop for fireplaces allows you to find the ideal mantel and hearth for your fireplace too, plus you can speak to our team directly about our fireplace installation offering. Our professional service continues after installation. We assist with the servicing and maintaining of your fireplace once it’s in its new home too.



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