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Customized Kitchen Cabinets In Houston To Refresh Your Kitchen?

It is essential to focus on factors like color, style, material, budget, storage needs, quality, and special features before investing in cabinetry for your kitchen.

When you show your remodeled kitchen to your family, friends, and neighbors, you want it to be unique and spectacular. Custom cabinets by Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston are made to order. That means your cabinets are built specifically after measuring the dimensions of your kitchen. We will create an entirely new kitchen cabinetry based on your unique vision and imagination.

Customized Kitchen Cabinets In Houston To Refresh Your Kitchen?


Having a functional and aesthetic kitchen is a dream for most Houston homeowners.

An intelligent design can truly transform the look and feel of your space.

Since cabinets make up such an essential and integral part of your kitchen, any remodeling effort should focus extensively on them.



Benefits Of Customized Kitchen Cabinets


Working with expert designers, talented millworkers, and experienced staff at Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston is your best chance of taking advantage of the benefits of a brand-new kitchen design. By investing in customized kitchen cabinets for your home, you can expect the following benefits:


Additional Storage Space.


A good amount of kitchen storage space is a beautiful luxury to have. Storing your kitchen supplies out of sight and in a good area will help you keep a clean and clutter-free kitchen.

Customizing your kitchen cabinets to allow for more storage can help you find the perfect place for your kitchen supplies while never compromising on counter space. Our skilled professionals can listen to your needs and create cabinetry that works perfectly for your area.


Quality Craftsmanship Ensures Durability.


Custom-built and installed kitchen cabinets offer better quality craftsmanship than stock cabinets. They provide unmatched strength and stability because they are made one at a time, by hand, using the best techniques to piece them together.


Unlike stock cabinets that are built on an assembly line, our custom cabinets are made by skilled and qualified craftsmen with years of experience and expertise. Our cabinets are reliable, sturdy, and last long.


Built To Fit Your Design Preferences.


Customized kitchen cabinets can be built to fit the design of your kitchen layout and also to take full advantage of all the usable space in your kitchen. Unlike stock cabinets, customized cabinets can be constructed to exact specifications. These cabinets are ideal for non-standard floor plans and unique kitchen layouts.


Our design and installation team carefully measures your cabinet walls and draws the space with each new fixture and fitting in place using our state-of-the-art design modeling software. We can show you what the cabinets look like in your home before you actually commission us to custom-build them.


Aesthetically Pleasing To The Eye.


Kitchen cabinets are an essential aesthetic feature in your kitchen, so it’s crucial to select a style that best suits your unique tastes and that harmonizes with the rest of your kitchen.

The color, design, finish, materials, and even the door handles and knobs of your cabinetry might seem like a trivial afterthought, but getting it wrong can upset the whole aesthetic balance of your kitchen and make your cabinets stand out like a sore thumb.


Custom cabinets are handmade pieces of furniture with a certain charm and aura that makes them look special and stand out.


Our customized kitchen cabinets of superior design facilitate the merger of beauty and functionality and provide the opportunity to add more color and texture to your kitchen. We can also incorporate integrated lighting to elevate the design and showcase the internal beauty of the cabinets.


Customized Kitchen Cabinets To Make Even An Ordinary Kitchen Seem Like A Masterpiece.


The centerpiece of any kitchen remodeling project is kitchen cabinetry. Well-designed cabinetry allows for completing tasks safely, efficiently, and easily.


We are committed to effective communication, customer service, and transparency at KBD Houston.


Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston has an unlimited range of kitchen cabinets available for our Houston customers, and our design team is always on hand to discuss what might work best for you. If you are considering stock kitchen cabinets, you can come and visit our 5,000-square-foot showroom to get a first-hand look at the exceedingly large range of cabinetry we offer.



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We offer showroom or in-home appointments for your convenience.  Our expert designers will work with you to select the right products for your home remodeling project.

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We have a wonderful & loving history of building exceptional & award winning spaces for our clientelle.  We love to create the home of their dreams.

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As a kitchen design and build remodeling company we specialize in bringing our clients a superior level of customer service and high craftsmanship &  expertise,

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We specialize in saving our clients money!  We create the kitchen of your dreams at wholesale prices. That’s right, we sell luxury for less!

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We’ll give you a complete quote with all your favorite sustainable materials. Don’t worry, at Kitchen & Bath Decor & More, it’s always affordable!

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Yes! We offer turn-key services.  We have everything that you will need for your remodel.  No need to go anywhere else!


What People are Saying

“A true design & construction company”

“We used Kitchen & Bath Decor for our recent bath remodel and we couldn’t be happier! Great attention to detail makes for perfect work! We paid for and received exactly what we wanted. A true design & construction company that truly cares making customers happy! Highly recommend using this company.”

˜Francine Zappa

“We’re SO happy with our new kitchen.”

“A top notch team, expert service from inception to completion! Hire Kitchen & Bath Decor & More for kitchen remodeling. We did and it was an amazing experience, We are SO happy with our new kitchen.”

˜Kendall Nester

“Great remodeling company!”

“Great remodeling company! They came to my house and quoted me on my home remodel and we got the quote right away. They were a great help in every way and detail. From cost, installation, design to all the final details. Definitely recommend!”

˜Freddy Benjamin

“Ultimately the best closet designer”

“Ultimately the best all around closet designer I know. Designers are calm and focused, and precisely organized.  They actually executed my vision to the exact specifications I was dreaming about. In remodeling it’s chaos with construction or renovating, and you need radar focus and boy have they got it. They’ll save you lots of money in the long run.”

˜Herbert Becker

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