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Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

How To Choose the Perfect Color For Your Kitchen Cabinets



Colors are one of the most effective ways to create the atmosphere and feel you’ve always wanted your kitchen to exude.

When you have new custom kitchen cabinets installed in Houston, you want to ensure they continue to look their best for years.

Even giving your existing cabinets a fresh coat of paint is a great, economical way of giving your kitchen an instant face-lift.

With a simple switch of color, you can create a classic, timeless look for your kitchen or a more aesthetically contemporary one.

No matter how small, big, or unique your kitchen might be, your kitchen cabinets will always account for most of the surface area in your kitchen, so they’re almost always the best place to start planning your dream color palette.

Choosing the right paint color can be nerve-wracking, and the long-term commitment to one color can be scary.


Go for a color that can help promote a happy, productive environment and make your kitchen feel more complete.


Choose A Color That Uplifts Your Mood

Colors can be subjective. Yellow could make one person happy and might give another person a headache.

Colors can affect your mood, so when selecting a color for your cabinetry, choose one that gives off pleasant vibes.

Color is closely associated with emotions.

The brighter and lighter the color, the happier and more optimistic it can make you feel.

Happy colors are usually thought to be bright, warm shades, like yellow, orange, pink, and red, or pastels, like peach, light pink, and lilac.


Consider Lighting When Choosing The Color For Your Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen is not well-lit, one way to make it seem brighter is to paint your cabinetry and walls in lighter shades and tones, such as white or cream. The lighter colors will make even the darkest rooms feel brighter.

We recommend buying a few samples of colors you like, whether online or at your local paint shop. Paint the colors on pieces of poster board, and keep them for a few days in the kitchen. It is essential to view them at different times of the day when there are other light intensities. You may be surprised how you like specific colors better at certain times of the day in your work area.


Choose The Right Enameling For Your Cabinets

Enameling is ideal for high-use areas in your kitchen, like cabinets. One of the essential reasons enamel is popular is its durability.

Oil-based paint is considered best for kitchen cabinets as it’s more durable and resistant to staining and wear and tear. A professional best applies oil-based paints as oil-based paints require greater care and good ventilation as the paint fumes are strong.

Water-based paint is an easier-to-use option. With very low VOCs (volatile organic compounds), water-based paint is more eco-friendly, low cost, easier to apply even on uneven surfaces, and easier to clean up. 


Top Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Recommendations Straight From Our Pros

The kitchen cabinet paint color you choose should elevate your existing kitchen wall colors, appliances, splashback, kitchen hardware, lighting, flooring, and any decor accessories you currently have in your kitchen. 



Blue cabinets can make a kitchen feel calm and soothing. If you like to cook to wind down from a long day, choosing cabinets that help you feel relaxed could be a great option.

Blue has calming effects and can bring feelings of peace and tranquility.

Once you walk into your kitchen and see your kitchen cabinets in blue, you know you’ve arrived.



It might seem to you that everybody has white cabinets. But it’s not because they’re trendy; it’s because they’re timeless. They’re always in style and allow for flexibility in the rest of your kitchen. White kitchen cabinets can fit perfectly into both a grand traditional and minimalist, contemporary design. The only minor disadvantage of white cabinets is that some maintenance is involved.



Kitchen cabinets in gray are a trend these days.

Gray is an excellent middle ground. It is not as stark as white, comes in many tones, but still cools off a space, and can range from classic to contemporary depending on the shade and its surroundings.


Contrasting colors can look great in your kitchen, too, especially if chosen carefully. Combining black, grey, or dark brown cabinets with light walls, ceilings, and flooring can make a stunning look that is sure to please.

It’s hard to stay caught up with what’s trending, so you can draw inspiration from the latest trends. 

Choosing a bold color for your cabinetry can be the unexpected twist that the kitchen needs to feel like it is truly yours.


Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston – Economical Kitchen Cabinetry, Beautifully made

Up to 90% of people base their first product impressions on color alone.

Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston has an almost endless selection of kitchen cabinetry. 

Whether you know exactly what you want or need one of our experts to help translate your vision to reality. At KBD Houston, we can give you innovative and practical guidance to show you what can be done with your space.

Our range of cabinetry looks beautiful in various colors – black, grey, purple, green, white, and many others.

Our best advice is always to choose a color that you like. It doesn’t matter what’s trending; you and your family are the ones who live in your home and will have to see the cabinets every day.

When you visit our 5000-square-foot Houston showroom, you will be delighted with our wide range of chic kitchen cabinets with innovative storage solutions to bring style and flair to your kitchen. With over twenty-five years of experience in remodeling Houston homes, our design team is eager to help you create your dream kitchen.

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