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Built-in Custom Closet Systems – An Essential Element of Your Houston Home Remodel Project

Built-in Custom Closet Systems – An Essential Element of Your Houston Home Remodel Project


Built-in custom closets are a great way to integrate storage and furniture into your Houston home design. Besides utilizing unused space in your home, keeping your home safer, and being high-quality furniture, built-in custom closets allow you to enjoy a fully integrated home design.

At Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston, We love integrating built-in features like custom closets into our home remodeling projects in Houston. 

Our home remodel designs can create usable space and bring order to your home.


Custom-made To Cater To Your Needs And Style

Built-in closets can be completely adapted to your needs.

You can decide on the number of niches, shelves, drawers, and doors in the project, besides, of course, defining the entire aesthetics of the closet system, including colors, shapes, and finishes.

Custom closets allow you to add different types of storage for various clothing.

Shelves and hanging sections at different heights give you and your family plenty of options for storing your clothes.

While you might be more comfortable with a custom closet in classic white for your home, our 5000-square-foot showroom offers over a hundred colors and textures.

When choosing each closet’s style, you need to know what the closet is for. You can add shelves to a wardrobe where you store bed sheets and linens, and you can leave space to hang coats. You can add shelves that will keep certain things out of reach, or you can add cabinets that make it easier to organize the space.

From modern to traditional or anything in between, Kitchen Bath Decor And More professionals will personalize your custom closet system while preserving your personal style, mixing and matching elements to create a unique statement.


No Wastage of Space 

When you don’t incorporate built-in elements into your home remodel, you’ll have to search for storage solutions that seamlessly fit into your home, which can be very difficult. 

When you opt for pre-designed storage solutions, you’ll have to find closets that fit into the space in which you plan to place them. This will undoubtedly leave space unused. 

With a built-in storage solution, this will always be fine. Every inch of the space will be leveraged to provide the most storage possible.

Where a shop-bought closet might sit within a recess, leaving a gap at each side, a built-in closet can stretch across and up as high as you like.

Every home has unique spaces that cannot be used due to them being too small or oddly shaped, including:

  • Spaces underneath staircases,
  • Second-story rooms where there’s a downward roof slope.
  • Spaces next to other features built into your home, like a fireplace, and
  • Spaces underneath beds and surrounding furniture. 

The designers at KBD Houston solve functional and aesthetic issues and use these spaces for storage. 

Since you’ll be consulted on the design and placement of the closet system down to every detail, we will craft it with your needs and storage concerns in mind.


Built-in Closets Are Safe

Buying freestanding storage furniture such as closets, bookshelves, and cubby units will always be less safe than a built-in storage solution as they have been known to fall over. Since built-ins are structurally part of your home, you can be sure they’ll be stable and safe.

One big factor in any house where young children live is safety. While built-in closets are fixed firmly to walls and floors, freestanding furniture may tilt over if a child gets too interested and tries to climb up or pull on it. This is especially true with pieces with a high center of gravity, such as tall cabinets, closets, or bookshelves.


When you plan your home remodel with our premier home remodeling company in Houston, you can rest assured knowing that the custom closets and other inbuilt features will be built using high-quality, long-lasting materials. Since we design and build the closets keeping the entire design of your home in mind, they’ll be more visually stunning.


Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston – Why Settle For Lower-quality Closets When You Could Have Them Built Right Into The Design Of Your Home?

Your home is unique, and so are your needs and style. No one knows that better than us. The design process must begin with a partnership between you and one of our designers to create a closet system specifically designed for how you live and the items you store.  

We design, build, and style your closets to fit seamlessly into the aesthetic of your home.

We have built a local family-owned, independent company based on the core values of renowned customer service, master craftsmanship, and excellent team culture. 

Made to impress and built to last, all our work is done in-house by our talented millworkers.

We ensure that your closets will become functional, organized, and stylish spaces. From the initial consultation to the installation, KBD Houston is with you every step of the way.



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